Drinks to help you relax


Relaxing isn’t just wearing comfy PJ’s, it can also be in different ways, such as making yourself something easy and tasty to drink. 


Milk is an age- old trick to help babies sleep but it doesn’t only work on them, but on all of us! It contains a certain chemical that releases melatonin in the body, helping you fall asleep faster. 


Other than it tasting amazing, chamomile tea has many benefits to the human body. The main reason why many scientists recommend it for a better night’s sleep is that it is caffeine free.


Although it may not look like it, water is one of the most beneficial drinks. Staying hydrated is very important for your health, to help improve your mood, and help you get a good-night’s sleep. 


In addition to tasting great, cherry juice reduces insomnia because it releases melatonin in the blood; making you sleep better. Did you know that it also boosts your immunity!

All what you need to do now, is put on a 
, make yourself a cup of your favourite drink, kick back and watch your favourite